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Your child’s birthday is a special occasion and one you want to remember for all the good reasons! Because of this, you want to ensure you pick on the best birthday party ideas for their big day. Well relax, because there’s nothing more we like a great party and because of that, we’re sharing our top five must-do birthday party ideas for young children!

5 Best Birthday Party Ideas for Young Kids 

Whether you’re hosting a birthday party at home, or out and about, the key to a great event is planning. This makes having a bunch of great activities and even a theme to base them around, a great idea. Being parent’s ourselves, we’ve hosted and attended many birthday parties. We’ve also done a ton of research online. Today we’re sharing our favourite top five ideas with you:

  1. Choose the right theme – it sounds easy enough, but what is missing is that you need to choose a theme which your child loves. With decorations, food, costumes, and even party games based upon a theme, it’s a huge disappointment for everyone if your child doesn’t realise what the theme is. Party themes need to be age appropriate and be of something your child can relate to. Often their favourite TV show or character (Marshall from Paw Patrol), colour (pink) or activity (soccer) work well.

  2. Set up a craft station – it doesn’t have to be elaborate or even messy! Some paper, crayons, glue and glitter are great basic staples. You could add playdough and shaving foam depending on how relaxed you are with mess! A craft station keeps little fingers active and gives them something to take home after the party.

  3. Play party games – younger children enjoy easy to play games such as musical statues, pin the tail on the donkey or batting a balloon around the lounge.

  4. Invite a special guest – if you can hire a professional party entertainer, great. If not, why not ask a friend or family member to dress up as a magician, clown or fairy. It’s the magic of having a ‘special guest’ and not what they do or look like.

  5. Start a birthday tradition – for instance, take a photo of your child and their guests at the same spot each year. Or have a blank canvas teddy bear for guests to draw under their name (which you have written). Perhaps even give your child a book each birthday, into which you write a birthday message, their date and age, and then stick a photo of them at their party in the cover.

We couldn’t resist adding one more tip – have a backup plan! Young kids do have short attention spans, and often will finish an activity way before you thought they would. For this reason, having yourCubby Time playhouseset up provides an awesome activity they can do in between or as well as your planned activities. Have a great time - we wish we were invited too!


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