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Hello! If you have been following me for any length of time you may know the above about means for years I've been working away on my business …trial and error and some wins in between.

I've decided to start documenting and sharing my finds as a mum/wife/ businessowner/ human. I love a good life hack and thought you probably do as well. So keep an eye out for tips and tricks I share in future emails. 

I’m a goal setter - yes ! Do I achieve most things … err no … or sometimes in a different way. Am i trying to do to many things at once — most likely! Do ideas come very easily to me … heck yes, but do I find it hard to decide which ones to work? Absolutely - can’t we do everything? Turns out maybe, just not all at once! 

This is me showing up in my business in a more authentic way.. after all how many post can I do about cubbies? maybe millions .. not sure? But I still want to be engaging! 

How many online courses have I done and how many coaches have I used? A lot !! Have they worked yes and no - some waaaay more than others - have they pushed me forward absolutely! Am I the same person I was in 2014 when I started this pursuit .. hell no. 

I am multi facetted for sure, what about you? Can you relate ?  Can it all work all together - I have no idea but lets try and find out. 



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