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Creativity Is Intelligence Having Fun

Our kids Crafternoon workshops were a major success over the school holidays, so much so I have weekly Stitch Camps and after school crafternoons and I will be bringing Stitch Camp and the Crafternoons online very soon. 

Nothing fills my cup more than seeing kids get into a state of flow and experience the joy that making and creating brings. 

If you have ever felt completely absorbed in something, you might have been experiencing a mental state that psychologists refer to asflow. Achieving this state can help people feel greater enjoyment, energy, and involvement. This is what we aim for in our kids Crafternoon's. We have 3 different activities available (but of course if they evolve into something else - that is totally fine !)

  • embroidery
  • watercolour
  • jewellery making

Creativity pays positive dividends in numerous ways. Itsupports mental growth through challenges involving elements like equality, balance, spatial relationships, and problem-solving. It also supports the development of key skills such as sensory perception, verbal skills, and hand-eye coordination.

The workshops are ideal for ages 5+ and I keep the groups small so I can cater projects to the age groups. 

If you want to go on the wait list for the next Crafternoon or Stitch Camp or if you want to stay in the loop as to when I go online. Leave your email below.

Or if you can't wait until then and want to get cracking with a project now, I have some projects ready to ship here.




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