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Back To School Survival Guide For Parents

Back to school! The glorious time of year when we get to enroll our kids in a new school, go on class trips and generally look forward to the new school year. This blog post is just meant to provide some tips and tricks which can help you, as an epic parent, prepare for the new school year.

Have them wear comfortable clothing.It's always nice to have a few outfits that they can wear again and again. Or if you are like me your kids will be in uniforms! Excellent! If they do wear a uniform - does it still fit? Now could be a good to time to check! Make sure they are comfortable in what they are wearing and don't be afraid to let them pick out their own clothes if they want to!

Make sure they have the right supplies.Be prepared by having all of your child's supplies ready before you head out to school shopping or purchasing online. You do not want any last minute runs back home because you forgot something!

Make sure they have their lunch money ready! This is important because it will help avoid any uncomfortable situations where there is not enough money for lunch or snacks at recess time.

Get plenty of sleep! The last thing you need right before school starts is a tired kid who wants nothing more than go back home after just one day of being there! Make sure they get plenty of rest so that they're ready.

School shoes, do they still fit? Don't leave this to the night before or morning of the school day!! (Guilty) Pull out and polish the shoes the week before school starts and make sure they still fit.

School uniformsmake sure that school uniforms are clean and ready to wear so they aren't unpacking and packing laundry on their first day back.

Get your kids a new backpack, is the old one tatty and ready for the bin? Or can you throw it in the wash and bring it up to near new?

Check that they have everything they need? including pencils, pens, rulers, paper and any special equipment they may need like calculators or headphones.

Have a family meeting to discuss the expectations of the new school year including homework, after school activities, chores and time management as well as what you expect from each other during the school year.

Starting a new school?It's not a bad idea to do a test run or check the bus timetable so the kids know how long it will take to get to school and know what time the bus leaves.

Are you homeschooling or still have little kids at home?You might want to consider having some of these up your sleeve for those moments, where you just need something new and exciting for the kids.

When your kids go back to school, they will get excited and nervous at the same time. You can help prepare them early by getting the right supplies and accessories to make them feel better.

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