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Children learn through play. When children act out their own life experiences, it helps them make sense of what is happening in their lives and the world around them.

Creative play can help children to:
  •     learn to socialise and communicate
  •     understand new experiences
  •     learn language, and practise using it
  •     express their feelings
  •     learn about cooperating and understanding from another person’s point of view
  •     gain confidence
  •     practise problem-solving

Adults can support children by:

  •    supporting them to put their own ideas into practice, without taking over
  •    play-acting with them, using language that goes with the play
  •    helping them solve problems

Providing equipment for creative play:
    •  a selection of dress-up clothes and accessories for role-playing
    • dolls
    • dolls’ clothing, beds and bedding
    • table, chairs, kitchen utensils and furniture 
    • a clothesline with pegs
    • toy stoves
    • cash registers
    • toy petrol stations
    • boxes
    • CubbyTime Table Tent
    • CubbyTime Bunk Bed Curtains
    • CubbyTime Kitchen Play Stove

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