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Are you looking for some healthy lunch ideas for kids? Making school lunches can be challenging. And eating healthy on a budget is not an easy job either. Here are 10 quick and easy school lunch ideas for kids that are cheap to make, healthy and delicious!

  • Yogurt with Homemade Granola.

  • Veggie Pita.

  • Breakfast for Lunch.

  • Black Bean Mini Burritos.

  • Mac & Cheese Muffins

  • Apple and Cheddar Sandwich.

  • Sushi

  • Chicken Caesar Wraps.

  • Hard Boiled Egg

  • Cheese and crackers
  • Dinner left overs
  • Hot pasta in a thermos

Have fun with these and consider having a make your own lunch station, where the kids put their own lunch together. It seems to work for me. Another hot tip - a bread maker - fresh bread every morning! The kids haven't got sick of this yet and it makes the simplest vegemite sandwich - kind of fancy.

Hopefully this article helped you to find some good ideas for making school lunches everyone will enjoy. These school lunch ideas are simple enough that even your kids can help you make them. So have fun coming up with new healthy lunchbox creations!



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