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When you are tired, you don't feel like doing anything fun with your children. You don't even want to think of anything creative — it just seems like too much work. But you can still be creative despite the high level of exhaustion. Here are some ways you can use your limited energy to do things with your kids that will be fun for both of you.

When we think of creativity, we tend to think of making things with paint and pens and getting super elaborate and Creativity doesn't just have to be painting and making a mess! There are many ways to get creative without paint and mess...

  • Wear your children like a coat. They can hang down from your neck and down your back.

  • Read in bed with kids!

  • Draw a picture on their backs and they have to guess what it is.

  • Give them a pile of paper and some tape or glue and then let them do whatever they want with it.

  • Colour in with them. Take turns choosing which colour to colour with — no one wants to be bossed around when they are tired!

  • Make something and eat it together.

  • Make a photo or video diary of your day together.

  • Go into nature, even if it's your backyard.

  • Have an at-home picnic in the living room or family room, complete with a blanket on the floor and all of your favorite picnic foods.

  • Look for free events in your community; there are often free concerts, festivals and other creative events available to attend during various seasons of the year in almost every community around.

  • Look at funny pictures online in or in books.

  • Play with magnets

  • Play cards or a board game.

  • Lie down on the couch and listen to an audio book with them.

  • Play lego

You don't have to do anything fancy; just playing with your kids is enough!

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