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Nature Art

Nature is full of beautiful things. You can make some art pieces out of them! Nature will inspire you and make your creativity grow.

Things in nature

You can make all sorts of things from natural materials. The following is a list of things that you can find in nature, and what you can make with them:

  • Rocks and sticks

  • Leaves

  • Shells

  • Flowers/stalks/stems

  • Stones

Make an art piece with things you collect from the nature

The best way to inspire yourself is to look at the world around you. Let nature be your muse and take a walk in the woods. Try making an art piece of your own using natural materials that you find on your walk. Use what's available to create something unique, beautiful and meaningful!

Make a self portrait

Here's what you'll need to make your own nature art:

  • rocks and sticks (to build a landscape)

  • leaves and flowers (to create a background)

  • shells, stones or any other small items that have meaning to you (for details like hair or clothing).

get out in nature and make some art

  • Go to a park or woods

  • Find things in nature and use them to make art.

  • Get creative and have fun!


The end result of this article is to encourage you to get out there, and make some art!

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