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How was your day? Are you looking for a way to express yourself and motivate yourself without being mean? Well, if so, this is the article for you! In this post, I'll teach you how to write a journal entry that will help make your day better. First we'll talk about writing down what happened in your life today as objectively as possible then we'll discuss why it's important to do that. Next up is a section on how writing these kinds of things can help us feel better about our lives after living through them. Finally, we'll talk about some ultimate goals for keeping a journal like this going long term—and why they're worth achieving!

If I saw you at school today who would I have seen you play with?

If I saw you at school today who would I have seen you play with?

Would I have seen you laughing and having fun?

I've been thinking about how you used to ask me how my day was. I know we laughed a lot back then, but I also know that laughing with someone and having fun are not the same thing.

I think it's important for us to have activities that make us laugh because laughter is good for our health and happiness. It helps us feel better about ourselves and our lives, and strengthens relationships. But just as important as getting together with people who make you laugh is finding things in life that make you smile without anyone else around—even if they're small like hearing your favorite song on the radio or seeing a funny picture online.

Would I have seen you upset about anything?

Would I have seen you upset about anything?

If you're feeling upset, talk to someone. Don't bottle it up! If there's a problem in your life that keeps upsetting you, try to find a solution. It may take time, but keep working at it until you have a solution that works for both of us.

Did you notice anyone feeling sad?

Did you notice anyone feeling sad?

If so, how did you help them?

What was the hardest part of your day?

If you want to keep things light, try asking your friend how their day was.

Here are some examples of how you could ask:

  • Did anything hard happen? If so, what were the hardest parts of your day? How did you overcome them?

  • Do you have advice for anyone who is feeling stuck and unable to move forward in their life right now?

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