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Seasonal Craft Boxes

Celebrate the new season with our seasonal Craft Boxes. This craft box has four spring and halloween (family friendly and super cute) inspired crafts and comes with some really cool bonuses, like we have teamed up Matcha Matcha and have included one of their beautiful bake mixes that you can use with our spooky cookie cutter. Some of you may or may not know I'm a professional makeup artist as well. People often ask me how to face paint at halloween, so I've included some templates to help you turn your little ones into a cute pumpkin, a wee witchy poo or a black cat. 

Other things you will find in these fun filled boxes:

- Matcha Matcha Shortbread

- Spooky Cookie Cutter 

- Air Dry Clay 

- Pom Pom Maker 

- Templates to Halloween Face Paint 

Some examples below of what you might find in your seasonal box! You wont be disappointed. These are made to order and craft supplies may vary. But we know you will get loads of enjoyment from these. 


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