Bunk Fort


Before I go on, I have a couple of technicals, well one mainly - being in lockdown  means I can't do a photoshoot with it, So between myself, my wonderfully talented graphic designer, we have hatched a plan and we are hoping this will be of interest to YOU!! 

  • Introducing the new addition to the cubby family, a BUNK FORT, this has been a long time coming but here it is!
  • It is two seperate pieces 
  • 100% cotton and comes in white, You maybe thinking white ????, but after consulting a my board members (a bunch of kids I know), they suggested keeping it plain and including a packet of washable markers, so your child can have customise their own bunk fort. Sound good?
  • Piece one measures 210cm L x 90cm H (82 inches x x 35 inches) and has ties on it to tie to the top bunk. Similar to the cubby it has a roll up door on the middle and two windows (reinforced) on the side.
  • Piece two measures 105cm L x 90cm H (40 inches x 35 inches) and ties to the top bunk. There is no window on this one again, after consulting my board (the neighbourhood kids) and after much debate they decided it didn't need another window, that it would be better off being used as a drawing space, so I rolled with that.
  • And yep, as mentioned before it will come with a packed of washable markers! I did think about paint but thought I'd be chased out of town with that idea:)

******These Bunk Forts are HALF PRICE. Please note, these are pre sales and will be delivered at Christmas. *****



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