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Online Art Class Weekly Subscription

I would definitely describe myself as a multi passionate person, I work as a makeup artist in the the film industry, I have been running CubbyTime for 7 years and when I was younger I did a million different jobs and in a galaxy far, far away I once went to Art School, majored in painting and graduated with a degree in Fine Arts. 

Recently I have started reconnecting with my paint brushes and I am finding real peace and joy reconnecting with my passion. I'm loving the flow that comes when you are creating for no other reason than my own joy. So it seems I've come full circle and as I'm now offering a kids art school, weekly art classes where we can explore, and get lost in the flow of creating our own masterpieces. 

Nothing brings me more joy than watching my children get enjoyment from creating, wether that is working with cardboard and building a fort the size of them! Or a cardboard city that covers the living room floor. Or watching them spend hours drawing and painting, getting lost in a world of imagination and make believe.

We will often work with natural fibres, wool, cotton and leaves and flowers, you might find we work with things that you have collected from your local park or garden! All the while trying to be sustainable along the way, not trying to add unnecessary waste to our creations.

You might find our classes to be as varied as doing a still life painting, to making some friendship bracelets to making a cardboard sculpture and paper mache.

It helps to register beforehand so I know the ages of the people in the art class so I can tweak lessons for the ages of the kids attending. 

What you can expect from me:

You will receive an email on a Friday outlining the next weeks activities. The email will come with downloadable PFD's so you can print the instructions and know what supplies you will need to have. I can guarantee you will have most of the stuff knocking about at home and if you don't, you can improvise! Some of the most magic artworks come from making do with what you have, so please don't stress too much about not having all the supplies.

Each week the activities will change, you can do them all, or pick and choose the ones that interest you and the times that suit you. You will be sent the  Zoom link via a reminder email 24 hours beforehand.

Most of these activities will have 2 levels to them, beginner pre schooler and intermediate level for school kids. The beauty of being creators is that we can run with ideas and make them our own.


The Offer:  Choose from 5 classes available weekly

Duration of lesson:  30 mins each

Days:  Monday - Friday

Time:  930am AEST / 1130am NZD  

Investment: Subscription $20 weekly. There is no minimum number of weeks, cancel anytime. To cancel email


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