Never be stuck for ideas again! Always have what you need to finish a crafting project. 4 weeks supply conveniently delivered to your doorstep once a month.

How much is this going to cost me??? Sound costly? Nope, I'm confident I can save you money. Infact if you don't think I've saved you money. I'll give you your money back!! Waaait a minute? How could this deal get any better? If you sign up for the annual subscription you will receive 2 months free and pay one lump sum of $390. Saving you a whole year of not thinking about buying glue sticks, paper, stickers. Now is that a deal, or is that a deal???
I would hate to think about the money I've wasted at Spotlight - while I've aimlessly gathered and collected things in the isles, leaving with an empty wallet and nothing in particular to take home to create. Seriously, I've learned from my mistakes and I know I can save you money and take the pain out of crafting.


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