This week my freelancing has been busy and I'm once again feeling pulled from every angle. Instead of trying to get everything done. I've gone through my diary and cancelled or postponed a bunch of things, you know as you get older you start to realise that not everything needs to get done. That things can actually wait or not get done at all. 

I think truely looking after yourself is having space on your calendar with nothing on. That's when we our body can heal and repair ourselves, thats when we get time to create, design and plan a life for ourselves that we really want, instead of just reacting to what is thrown our way.  

I must say I'm getting better at saying no and not always even giving a reason as to why you can't do that request, I know so radical :) When you get to a point, when you can say a flat out no it feels so liberating, plus I find no one actually cares why we can't do something anyway! 

Go on I challenge you to cancel or delegate at least event  in your calendar this week. 


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