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Welcome to the world of fun! We’re talking about the many craft activities for young kids which even those under five can do! A quick search of Google will give you hundreds of options, but sifting through them to find the best ones can be tedious. 

Being in the business of helping parents and kids have fun year round, we’ve made a list of our seven favourite craft activities for young kids for you. Warning: be prepared for your young children to have fun, use their imagination and want to repeat these crafts time and time again!

7 of Our Favourite Craft Activities for Young Kids 

We’re not going to lie. It was tough to make a list of only seven of our favourite kids’ craft activities, but we have, and they are:

  1. Paper Plate Animals- a great fun activity, as they can finger paint the paper plates whatever colours they want to, combine that with faces and limbs for the animals made of paper, and then glue these to the plate.
  2. Moon Sand - made of flour and oil, it is a great substance for little ones to sculpt to their heart’s content. Kids can help mix the ingredients and have a fun time preparing for the activity too.
  3. Do It Yourself Binoculars - a simple activity that kids can make using empty paper towel rolls, and a bit of string to hold them together. Kids love pretending to explore, and our fabric playhouses make the perfect base for their adventures!
  4. Squirt or Water Gun Painting -an outside activity, water washable paints are put into the guns, and the painting paper is hung on a clothesline or tree!
  5. Playdough – a complete classic and very easy to make too. For a more permanent creation, use salt dough instead and bake in the oven afterwards.
  6. Rainbow Tree – a lovely group activity is to find a large branch (either attached or not to a tree) and paint it rainbow colours.
  7. Egg Carton Snails -an easy activity using materials you already have available. Paint or colour the underside of an egg carton single piece, add twisted pipe cleaners and glue for antennae. Add some googly eyes for extra cuteness!  

Craft activities for young kids are also a lovely way to learn new skills, and master existing ones. We’d love to find out what your child’s favourite crafts are, so please let us know via our Facebook pageso we can share with everyone.



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