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Remember those summer activities you enjoyed way back when you were a kid? When old-fashioned games were cool and iPads hadn’t been invented? Well, guess what: we’re bringing back some brilliant retro summer activities for you to enjoy with your kids this summer! From playing outside in a cubby fort right through to teaching your kids the good old games like Sardines and Mother, May I? – we’ve got you covered!

Fun Summer Activities for Kids from the Good Old Days 

There’s a lot to be said about the good old days, and most of it is positive. Growing up as kids, many of us were lucky enough to be able to spend time outside during the summer. Camping in the backyard, fishing off the wharf or rolling down hills only to climb back up and do it again, most of our school holidays were spent outdoors.

Compare that to today, where the appeal of the iPad or TV is huge for our kids. As a consequence, everything else is ‘boring’, and they’d much rather be tuned in to a device than engaging with the outdoors.

However, that stops today because we’re bringing back some retro summer activities for you to share with your kids. Be prepared to spend plenty of time outside:

  • Playing Mother, May I? – one person is mother, the others are the kids. The kids ask her, “Mother, May I (do something, such as take two steps forward)? Mother either lets them or not, and when her back is turned, the kids sneak forwards to try to touch her.
  • Playing inside a cubby fort – if your garden is like many others, you don’t have the room or the trees to build a fort. Instead you can use a cubby instead. It will easily fit over your outdoor table, or if it is a sunny day, take your table outside too! Kids have so much fun pretending their cubby is a house, tent or even a castle.
  • Dancing – you don’t need to be inside a stuffy hall to have fun. Set up your disco outside on the grass. All you need are some tunes and your blue suede shoes. Why not try a couple of old favourites like The Chicken Dance and bands including Abba, Brittany Spears, Aqua and The Beatles.
  • Trying our string games – remember when a piece of string was so much fun? Teach your kids games such as the Cat’s Whiskers and Jacobs Ladder (and there are heaps of instructions on Pinterest if you’ve forgotten how to play them)!

Most importantly, take the holidays to relax and enjoy spending time with your family and friends. Also, just in case it rains, our cubbies are great for playing inside with too! There is so much fun to be had this summer with CubbyTime!



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